New Melrose one-place study site, and blog moving too


I’ve just created a new Melrose one-place study site, to give a more structured and organised version of my online resources. It is a WordPress-based site, and the blog has also been moved to be part of the new site directly. Though copies of the old blog posts will also remain on the old blog site, but no new posts will be made there.

Please visit the new site and feel free to sign up for the new blog there to continue to receive new Melrose one-place study blog posts. If you click on “Blog” at the top of the new site (or just go here) you will be taken to the blog posts directly, and can subscribe from there.

Thank you!

Goals for Melrose one-place study in 2013

As we near the end of another year and approach the start of a new one I thought I’d blog about my goals for this blog and the related one-place study for the year ahead.

My first priority will be to digitise the various references to Melrose-dwellers I’ve extracted from 18th century tax references. These are from a mix of sources such as servant tax records, and farm horse tax. All potentially useful for genealogists tracing their family tree, and it shouldn’t take me much time to digitise them and put them online.

Another priority is to create a detailed person index to the 17th century regality court records. In the original Scottish History Society publications there is an index at the back of names, but it doesn’t give more details in the index about the people such as their occupations and places of residence. I have extracted this detail from the court records, and could easily prepare a much more useful index including for each person any extra information recorded such as address, occupation, and any relatives, and put this online.

Longer-term I want to start to reconstitute the population, but that’s a long-term goal. For now I am focusing on putting useful indexes and other resources online.